Today’s challenging material-handling applications require a wheel loader with superior traction, push power, lift capacity and quiet, fuel-efficient operation.

For it’s part, Case demands even more from its rugged F Series line of wheel loaders, with extras like comfort, ease of operation and exclusive features bringing new meaning to the term “productivity.”

According to Steve McMahon, Resort Services Manager of Mount Buller in Victoria, this is one of the many reasons why he picked the Case 721F Wheel Loader as his snow clearing machine of choice for work in and around the popular Victorian ski field.

“We push our Case Wheel Loader really hard up here – when it snows for an extended period of time, we might be using the Wheel Loader from 1.30 am until midnight the following night, non-stop.”

“At times we’ve had to use it 3-4 days straight and it’s never given us a problem- it just kept on working without a hitch,” noted Steve.

Used mainly for the clearing of snow off roads and car parking areas, the Case 721F Wheel Loader is used for about 4 months each year during the ski season.

“This is why we chose to rent this machine rather than to buy it outright – we only need it for part of the year, so buying the Wheel Loader would not make economic sense for us.”

Having said that, Steve noted that his work crews all enjoy working on the Case 721F Wheel Loader, and it has become the machine everyone on-site wants to use.

“The guys all love the machine – its comfortable, easy to operate, has great reliability and does everything we need it to do, and then some.”

“Its pretty rugged out here – you get the usual types of challenges you find in any country Australian setting plus the added problem of snow, ice and sleet along with temperatures that can fall to almost -20 °C. But no matter what nature or our workers throw at the Case 721F Wheel Loader, it’s always up to the job.”

“About the only thing that isn’t cold is his relationship with his Case dealer – Case Vic – which he describes as “warm, strong and always friendly.”

“Not that my machine has ever broken down, but when it comes to the regular servicing, the boys over at Case Vic always look after us up here – even though we are a couple of hours out of the city,” he said.

With an exclusive mid-mount cooling module, the Case 721F Wheel Loader’s fuel-efficient 145kW engine runs smoothly even in the harshest environments. Case machines are designed to put out ample horsepower and deliver superior breakout forces and lift capacity.

As for servicing, clever engineering design such as the remote drains for hydraulic and engine oils and coolant that are conveniently grouped at ground level for easy, environmentally friendly fluid changes is also important for Mount Buller, where cleanliness of the environment is crucial for the tourist industry.

Together with the industry-leading ease of maintenance and deluxe cabs, operator comfort and all-around visibility means the Case 721F Wheel Loader is perfect for work in the cold and harsh terrain of Mount Buller.

“When we get a huge dump of snow, we need to put chains on the Case 721F Wheel Loader’s tyres since the machines sometimes end up working on inclines that are basically made of ice,” noted Steve.

“But no matter what the conditions are like up here, our Case 721F Wheel Loader just keeps on going, and going and going!”