Brendan Adams is passionate about machines. A diesel mechanic and owner of B & D Diesel Services he drives a Holden Maloo, loves the HSVs and ClubSport and in his dreams drives a Bugatti Veyron.

In the excavation and diesel repair business he runs from Melbourne, another dream machine has stirred everyone’s passions, from operators to competitors, to customers.

Four months since taking delivery of a Case CX300C Heavy Excavator, Brendan says he’s glad to have broken his rusted on loyalty to another brand.

Fuel savings $1000 weekly!

“It’s way better on fuel. This 30 tonne is down to eight litres per hour, saving us about $1000 a week compared to our earlier 20 tonne excavator. That’s really what the exercise was all about.”

“We test and keep statistics on our gear pretty carefully. The Case CX300C has changed our time to load a truck from 4 minutes to 45 seconds.”

“That absolutely smashes what we’ve been achieving, which for a smaller earthmoving company makes us competitive on more jobs and cuts time on site.”

“Obviously there’s more scope for profit when we’ve quoted our own work. The objective is to move more dirt – more cheaply. This has cut our job times in half.”

We’ve tested all Case’s performance claims.

As a diesel mechanic, Brendan is quite demanding on machines for the business which operates about nine excavators, dozers and backhoes plus trucks and trailers for basin digs, subdivision work, drainage and the full range of earthmoving services.

“Case make some big claims, we’ve tested them. I’ve been in the game a long time and I’m not a romantic, it’s just dirt, but the Case has made a huge impact outside the reasons we originally got it.”

“Features weren’t so important, we wanted power and speed. We use its speed priority mode quite often and find control is as good as I’ve ever seen on any machine. It engages ground very quick, a significant difference to other machines.”

“We swing a pretty big bucket but I might have been a bit cautious for balance in loading and could easily go another 300cu. I’m very aware if you’re not careful the balance and control is wrong but this machine is beautifully balanced.”

This machine wins friends for our business!

The feedback from B & D Diesel operators is that they love it.

“I’ve discovered the real value of having such a good machine. Mates are jealous and everyone lines up to have a go. They see it as cool.”

“That’s nice but I realised there’s a bankable benefit in this. It affects your workforce and who wants to work for you and your ability to attract people who are good.”

“It’s a lot easier to sit in for eight hours than our other machines. The hydraulics set up is lightning quick.”

“The camera is one of their favourite things. Even when in the zone and concentrating they can see all around. No risk when people come up while you’re working. The front and side vision is better than anything I’ve seen. It might be the seating position.”

“The comfort wins people over – the seat, the air. It’s quiet, clean and tidy and that changes their attitude to work and the machine.”

“Having our own repair business, after the initial service we’ll be doing the maintenance, but seeing the way Case operate through their Dandenong branch swung me their way.”

Case’s attitude swung the deal. “The salesman, Jason Cruise, has looked after me for sometime.There was no pressure, he knew his gear, kept his promises and constructed a great deal, priced better than other machines. I didn’t have to go back and forth.”

“Beating each other up on price is what its all about at the moment but Case Victoria showed enthusiasm in how they go about their business. Some other big names need to lift their game.”

“We got a 4 years 4000 hours warranty. I can’t see any problems – usually you can tell straight away if something will happen.”

Brendan says some things really jumped out from the start, “Case even presents better now with a better paint job. Presentation is important because it’s everything for customers – they choose you because your business looks better.”

“As a diesel mechanic I don’t get caught up in this but customers are impressed and happy to have it on their job.”

“I believe Case offer a hire machine to try. I would recommend that.”

Case Construction is a leading distributor of Excavators; Backhoe Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders; and Crawler Dozers. Backed by a national dealer network, Case Construction offers parts, service, support and finance for a range of earthmoving applications. For more information call 1300 99 CASE.