Case Construction Equipment’s brand new CX300C and CX350C heavy excavators are cleaner, stronger and more efficient and cheaper to run. They’re also the first heavy excavators in the Australian market to be launched with Tier 4 Interim compliant low emission engines.

“The CX300C and CX350C offer an eight per cent increase in cycle times, a five per cent increase in lift capacity and fine controllability – all in a package that is both fuel efficient and cost effective to run.”

“The Case Intelligent Hydraulic System includes a number of functions designed to ensure that the hydraulic flow and engine load is perfectly matched to the task at hand, which means that any operator can get maximum results with minimum fuel use,” said Case Product Manager, Scott O’Hare.

There are five new energy saving systems within the overall Case Intelligent Hydraulic System. These include; Boom Economy Control (BEC), which senses and controls engine load and fuel consumption during boom down and swing operation. Idle Management System (IMS) manages engine rpm, lowering engine revs after five seconds of inactivity and shutting down after three minutes of inactivity. Swing Relief Control (SWC) regulates hydraulic flow at the start of the swing operation to optimise performance while minimising fuel consumption. Auto Economy Control (AEC) improves fuel efficiency whenever the joysticks are in the neutral position, while Spool Stroke Control (SSC) senses pressure during the digging operation to further optimise the hydraulic pressure requirements for fuel efficient operation.

Like all Case excavators, the new CX300C and CX350C offer a spacious cab with generous legroom and storage space with a best-in-class operator environment delivering ultra-low noise and vibration.

A seven-inch full colour LED monitor with easy to operate controls includes camera views for increased visibility around the machine along with machine data for increased visibility into the machine’s performance.

Safety is assured with ROPS compliant cabs and hose burst control valves as standard, along with an air suspension seat for additional comfort.

“Case’s efficient Tier 4 interim diesel engines feature Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) and a diesel particulate diffusor (DPD) to reduce emissions without the added expense and complexity of additional diesel exhaust fluids,” said Scott.

“The automatic self-regeneration of the DPD ensures no loss of productivity while the low engine rpm, improved hydraulic pump control and additional energy saving systems boost fuel economy, with no operator input required. You can also activate a ‘green economy’ gauge in the cab to help you choose the most economical settings for the machine and view fuel consumption in real time – which is a huge benefit to operators keen to reduce fuel costs.

“We have already seen strong customer interest in these new Tier 4 Interim compliant heavy excavators and anticipate a very positive response from customers who want to reduce their fuel bill and from customers who want to minimise their impact on the environment, while still maintaining full productivity,” said Scott.